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iStock_000004381069XSmallWelcome to ScotHub. This site is intended to be a one-stop-shop for access to the latest news, events, publications and thinking on public policy and management in Scotland.

The site is free, easy to use and open to anyone with an interest in government and current affairs in Scotland. Registration is quick and simple - please sign up and join in.

ScotHub is a joint initiative supported by the Scottish Policy Innovation Forum, the Scottish Public Management Network, the University of Aberdeen and the Economic and Social Research Council.

Registered users can upload their profiles, notices, links, and documents and can chat online with one another.


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The site has numerous features available for communication and networking once you have registered and logged in. Registration is quick and easy and will allow you to connect with others interested in various aspects of public policy and management.

The site has a full messaging system to allow users to communicate publicly and privately. The website contains news, events, individual and organisational profiles and downloadable resources.

Use the Help menu to guide you through the site features.


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