Instruments for Exploring Organizational Culture. A review of the literature.

Tobias Jung, Tim Scott, Huw T. O. Davies, Peter Bower, Diane Whalley, Rosalind McNally, Russell Mannion, 2009, Instruments for Exploring Organizational Culture: A Review of the Literature, Public Administration Review, 69(6): 1087-1096


Organizational culture is widely considered as one of the most significant factors in reforming and modernising public administration and service delivery. As such, a practical need to examine culture has arisen and many instruments for exploring, assessing and measuring organizational culture have emerged.

This page documents the findings of a literature review of existing qualitative and quantitative instruments for the exploration of organizational culture. The working paper 'Instruments for the Exploration of Organisational Culture' highlights existing instruments and offers some initial guidance for selecting appropriate culture assessment instruments. It provides information on dimensions and attributes of culture explored by candidate instruments; aspects associated with the pracitcal administration of the instruments in different contexts, instruments' psychometric assessment, as well as further detailed information relating to instruments' underpinning conceptual models of culture and previous applications.

The report 'Measuring and Assessing Organisational Culture in the NHS (OC1)' further outlines the findings of a two year study that explored the measurement and assessment of organisational culture in the United Kingdom's National Health Service (NHS)

The work formed part of the project 'Measuring and assessing organisational culture in the NHS', commissioned under the Service Delivery and Organisation Programme of the United Kingdom's National Institute for Health Services Research (NIHR) [SDO/91/2005; Project reference 08/1501/91]

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